Here at Bay Area we are excited about pouring the Scripture into your every day life. Every Sunday we provide a short guide in conjunction with the sermon called a "Faith Talk" to help you lead a discussion with your family or friends about the Very Words of God. We make it simple and practical. If you attended the worship service or watch the sermon online, the Faith Talk will challenge you to talk with others about how to live out the Bible passage that you learned.

For Parents and Grandparents: The Bible teaches us as parents and grandparents that we are to be intentional about training our children in the faith. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 tell us to impress the truth of God on them as we sit at home, as we walk along the road, as we lie down, and as we get up. These Faith Talks are a tool for you to use as you lead your own children spiritually. If you have ever struggled with knowing how to lead a family devotion, let Faith Talk be a first step in your journey to parent biblically. Come to church and lead a Faith Talk based on what you learned. In this way you will equip the next generation growing up in your own home.


Current Series

Pray Like Jesus

A Prayer for All the Disciples

A Prayer for What Seems Impossible

The Prayer of a Sorrowful Soul


Past Series

4 Truths Concerning the Expanding Kingdom of Jesus

Faith in the Midst of Falsehood

Ascribe Glory to the One True God

Instructions for Persevering

Exposing the False Teacher

Contend for the Faith

Spiritual Matters

Be Strong, Be Strong, Be Very Strong

The Prayer of Confession for Deliverance


The Enemy

The Unexplainable Life

Living Faithfully Among the Lions

The Handwriting is on the Wall

A Life of Humility

God's Way, No Matter What it Costs

A Life of Faith in Action

A Life of Resolve


He Finished Our Shame and Glorified His Name

Palm Sunday: Entering to Finish It


Forward - Grand Opening

Tune In

Holy Spirit - God In Us

God With Us

The Temple

A Lesson from the Tabernacle

Eden and the Assault

Tune into the Blessing of God's Presence

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

Christmas: Light and Life

A Sword in the Soul

How Jesus was Described to Mary by Gabriel

Christmas Celebration

A Better Kingdom

Living in the Better Kingdom

Who May Enter the Kingdom of God?

What is the Kingdom of God Like?

Why is it a Better Kingdom?


We are in a Spiritual Struggle

We Hope in the Promise of Life

Understanding Biblical Congregationalism

We Live the Mission of Christ Together

We Believe: The Importance of Sound Doctrine

7 Stories of Hope

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus

A Miracle for the Blind

The Road to Emmaus

The Woman at the Well


The Religious and The Sinners

Jesus Forgives a Prostitute

How: Putting What and Why into Action

How to Lead Your Family Spiritually

How to Give

How to Study the Bible

How do I Pray

4th of July Special Sermon

Having a Kingdom Focus in a Confusing Time

The Meaning of Life: A Study of Ecclesiastes

Finding Meaning in Fearing and Hearing God

Hard Work and Wealth Does Not Validate One's Life

The Meaning of Pleasure

The Meaning of Wisdom

Over the Sun

Seven Letters to Seven Churches

The Letter to the Church at Laodicea

The Letter to the Church at Philadelphia

The Letter to the Church at Sardis

The Letter to the Church at Thyatira

The Letter to the Church at Pergamum

The Letter to the Church at Smyrna

The Letter to the Church of Ephesus


How to be Right in the Eyes of God

The Prophesied Lamb and Proof of Grace

Habakkuk: Faith When God Doesn't Make Sense

Responding to God When it Doesn't Make Sense

Live by Faith

Faith When Circumstances Close In


Freedom: Experience Life Without Bondage

How do you Recognize Freedom?

Stand Firm in Your Freedom by Walking in the Spirit

Freed from the Curse to a Blessed Life

Freedom from the Bondage of Conditional Acceptance

Starting the Year Right Spiritually

Christmas Peace

Remember and Find Hope

What About World Peace?

Accessing the Peace of God

God is Our Peace Giver

Waiting on Jesus

Living "Ready" for the Day of the Lord

Finding Hope When Life is not Fair

Instructions for Church Life

Living in Light of My Destiny

How to Live While Waiting

We Wait Together and Love More

What do we do While we Wait?

I am a Disciple

Generous Living


Every Disciple is a Disciple Maker

Becoming an Obedient Follower

Authentic Faith

A Disciple of Jesus Prays

Disciples Live the Scripture

Count the Cost of Being a Disciple

On Mission

Your Hands, Your Mouth, Your Feet

God's Presence: Lessons from the Temple Mount

Living Behind the Curtain

Experience the Steadfast Love of God When Sin is Drowning You

Know Before Whom You Stand

Finding Help in God's Presence

Influencing the Legacy of a Changing America

Aligned: Connecting with the Heart of God Through Prayer

Experiencing the Presence of God

Learning to Pray for Others

Learning to Pray at the End of Me

Connecting with the Heart of God Through Prayer First Sermon

The Signs of the Times

How Should we Live in Light of Ezekiel's Visions

Holy War

Signs of Final Restoration

The Message of Ezekiel: 4 Spiritual Realities

Discover Jesus

The Ascended King

Jesus is the King of a Greater Kingdom

The Returned Lord and the Grand Reversal

Finding Contentment

The Secret of Contentment

Strain Toward the Proper Goal

Value of Knowing Christ Above Everything Else

Consider Others More Significant than Yourself

Let Your Way of Life be Worthy of the Gospel of Christ

Big Day 2015


Home: Experiencing God’s Best in Real Family Life

Making Disciples at Home

Hope and Help when Home is Broken

Home on Purpose

The Biblical Importance of Home

Serve the World with the Gospel

Serve the World with the Gospel

Impacting 2015 and Beyond

Impacting 2015 and Beyond...

Amazing Grace

The Person of Amazing Grace

The Amazing Effects of Grace

Thanksgiving Sermon

Give Thanks To The Lord


Trust & Obey

Big God, Big Faith, Little God, Big Fear Moving FORWARD in Faith


Looking Forward To Heaven

The Present Heaven

The Importance of Bodily Resurrection

The Future Heaven & EarthThe Question of Baptism



The Promised Holy Spirit

The Promise of Power for Jesus' Mission

How To Wait For God

Filled With The Holy Spirit

Empowered to Proclaim the Gospel

Empowered in Community

Empowered to Stand for Christ in Adversity (5 Principles)

Praying for Bold Witness

The Church with One Heart and Soul

Empowered to Overcome Obstacles to the Gospel

On Biblical Womanhood

Empowered To Serve

Responses To The Gospel

Empowered For Impact

The Gospel Changes Everything

Picture of Biblical Man hood

Difference Between Cultural Christianity & Biblical Christianity

One God - One Kingdom

Discover Gospel Movement

Gospel Movements Demand Relentless Love

My Yoke is Easy, My Burden is Light

Hearing and Following the Voice of the Spirit

Dealing With Spiritual Forces of Evil

Leadership That Lasts

A Simple Defense:  Tell Your Story

Who is the Gospel For?

Whatever It Takes!

Passed Over

The Point of Passover:  Deliverance

First Fruit:  Jesus the Risen Messiah

Fresh Starts

What Does God Think of Me?


How Do I Talk To God

Christmas Perspective

Looking Forward To Bethlehem

Looking Back At Bethlehem