Campus Event:
Parent/Child Dedication ceremony in worship.

Parent Seminar: "First Steps" (2 hour required seminar)
This Seminar covers topics like: Understanding Parent/Child Dedication, The Development of Your Child, The Importance of Mom and Dad and Ways to Bless Your Child and Build Biblical Foundations

Core Competency: The parent as the primary faith trainer.

The first step on the legacy pathway is Parent/Child Dedication. This is a seminar and a ceremony that normally occurs for parents who have children between birth and one year of age. Parents, through a two hour required seminar, learn how to become primary faith trainers for their children and accept the responsibility. Resources and learning opportunities are provided for the new parents desiring to dedicate their child to the Lord. During the ceremony, the church body commits to partner with the parents in the faith development of the child for the duration of the journey.