milestone 4



Campus Event: Purity for Life Weekend

Family Celebration:
Purity Ring Celebration

Parent Seminar:
"Purity for Life"
This seminar covers topics like : The Biblical Standard For Purity, Spiritual Training of Teens: Parent Roles and Church Roles, Identity in Christ, Accountability and Communication.

Core Competencies: Biblical Purity, Healthy Relationships, Identity in Christ, Biblical Sex

During Junior High, it becomes blaringly obvious that we must address "SEX" from a biblical perspective. The Student Ministry partners with parents by teaching students the importance of accountability, healthy friendships, and biblical standards for purity. At the same time we think it is much more important for students to learn these principles from their parents. We coach parents to focus on these issues in faith talks and intentional conversations before, and throughout the middle school years.


The parent seminar we provide resources to help in those conversations and faith talks. We encourage all students and parents to participate in Purity for Life weekend on our campus during the eighth grade year. Parents often give their student a ring as a symbol of the purity commitment made by the student.