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A Blessing Letter to Daughter

Dearest Robin, 
You are our beloved first born. We did not even know what true joy is until you entered our lives. God has truly blessed us with a wonderful daughter like you. We are so proud of what an amazing godly woman you have become. We are humbled and in awe of what God has done in you, as you seek to honor Him with your whole heart. We are so blessed by your sweet, loving and happy outlook on life. We are amazed at how you seek God’s wisdom and your choice to walk a righteous path. 
This is our blessing for you:
May you be a blessed woman who fears the Lord:
May you find great delight in the Lord’s commands.
May your children be mighty in the land. Even to the next generation,
May you and your children be blessed.
May you find your wealth and riches in God.
May you endure righteousness forever. Even in darkness may the light dawn for you.
May you be a gracious, compassionate and righteous woman.
May you never be shaken.
And may your name, Robin Christine Soechting,
be remembered by the Lord forever.
Psalm 112 
We love you,
Mom and Dad