M5 Seminar

M5 Seminar

Rite of Passage

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  • Author: Josh Allen

The growth of a child into adulthood is a significant event. Biblically, we must equip our children to become men and women of God. Age 16 is a significant time of freedom in our culture. Rite of Passage is not about keys to the car; instead, it is about becoming a man or woman of God. In our seminar we will equip you to disciple your freshmen and sophomore students for adulthood. Issues such as spiritual gifts, the roles of men and women, spiritual disciplines, service in the church, dealing with failure, and other Biblical issues will be explored both in your family devotion and on campus. We teach parents to host a very special “Rite of Passage” ceremony as the discipleship process has been completed and the student enters his or her 16th year of life.



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